CHUF Toddle 2017

On Sunday 2nd July, Samson was one of over 300 children to take part in the CHUF Toddle – an annual event organised by CHUF to raise money for the Children’s Heart Unit at the Freeman hospital in Newcastle. If you’ve spent any time around these parts, you’ll know by now that this is the unit that takes care of Samson’s heart, so we had absolutely no hesitation in signing him up to take part in the event.

The Toddle is held at Close House in Heddon-on-the-Wall, Northumberland. It is a mile-long walk through the grounds, and there is a family fun day at the end of the route. This was our first Toddle, and we were so impressed with how well it was organised and set out. The location is easy to find, there is plenty of parking available, and once you’re there you can’t go far wrong!

After we’d parked the car and grabbed what we needed, we went straight to the registration area and filled in Samson’s fundraising total as it stood at that point. He was then given a certificate, and we also bought him (and me!) and CHUF t-shirt to wear. Then we followed the signs along to the start line.

Mr and Mrs Chufty were at the start line, keeping the little ones amused – they were a big hit with Samson, who couldn’t take his eyes off them! Lots of other volunteers were dressed up as different characters along the way, which was lovely for the kids. We saw some Disney princesses, superheroes, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (only 3 of them though…?!), Toy Story characters, Pooh Bear and friends… So many! They gave out stickers, played with bubbles, had photos taken – they were brilliant. They really kept the children entertained along the route.

At the end, we got a (very bad!) photo at the finish line, and Samson was given his medal and goody bag. We headed straight for a picnic bench to get some well-earned lunch, and then had a little look around the stalls and fun fair. Samson took a shine to the book stall, so we bought him one for the bargain price of £1.  He also took a shine to the balloons around the organ donation stand, so a very nice lady there gave him some balloons to take home.

We had gone prepared to give Samson’s little legs a rest for the mile back to the car, which was just as well because the route in reverse felt far more tiring! It was more uphill, and the sun had come out and the temperature had gone up – and boy, could we feel it!

We had such a lovely day, and it was a pleasure to have helped this wonderful charity raise money. We have every intention of being back next year!

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